“A smart investor enters the market when others are feeling negative about it and the value is lower than it’s intrinsic value”


“A smart investor enters the market when others are feeling negative about it and the value is lower than it’s intrinsic value”

Best places to buy Bitcoin in Europe (SEPA)?

There are numerous opportunities to buy Bitcoin in Europe.

As you have the ability to choose from the wide number of exchanges, you have to utilize the opportunity you have and choose the option that is secure, fast and doesn’t charge high fees.

We made for you the list of our favorite options to buy Bitcoin in Europe (SEPA).


Kraken is the US exchange founded in 2011 and launched to the public in 2013.

As one of the oldest exchanges in the market, Kraken built a reputation for being a safe place for anyone interested in buying and trading cryptocurrencies.

Kraken also outdoes its competition by dealing in multiple fiat currencies, which include the US Dollar, the Canadian Dollar, the Euro, the British Pound, and the Japanese Yen.

Once you create an account on Kraken, you have to get verified in order to deposit the money to your account.

After the verification process is over, you can deposit money to your account which will take up to 48 hours for the money to arrive.

The fees are very low, especially for SEPA, so that’s one of the reasons why it is on first place, including the fact that they are very safe and secure.

I am using Kraken for more than two years, and not a single problem happened so far, which is the main reason for choosing it as the best place for buying Bitcoin in Europe.

If you want to buy Bitcoin on Kraken, click here to check out our article where we explained the buying process step by step.


Binance is the world’s largest exchange that is growing exponentially.

Apart from being the best and the biggest cryptocurrency exchange, they integrated the fiat gateway that enabled their users to buy Bitcoin with credit or debit cards.

The process is very easy and straight forward.

It takes from 10 up to 30 minutes for Bitcoin to reach your wallet after payment.

The fees are reasonable.

You will pay either 3.5% or 10 USD per transaction, whichever is higher.

They accept VISA and MasterCard.

Considering that they are the biggest and the fastest cryptocurrency exchange, the fees that are average (not the cheapest one but definitely not the most expensive), we do believe that this is a very good option to buy Bitcoin.

The reason it is behind Kraken on our list is that their fees are higher than the ones at Kraken.

Also, we were using Kraken for more than 2 years and we didn’t have any problem so we have to put it in the first place.

The fact that fiat gateway on Binance was integrated recently and that it has some time to be tested and prove itself is one more reason why we give advantage to Kraken.

If you want to buy Bitcoin on Binance, you can click here for a direct link to the registration page.

In case you need help in buying Bitcoin on Binance, here is the link to the guide on How to buy Bitcoin on Binance


LocalBitcoins is the global exchange site that allows Bitcoin investors to buy and sell the world’s leading cryptocurrency in a peer-to-peer manner be it locally or online.

You can choose the payment method you want (credit or debit card, bank transfer, PayPal…).

Like any other platform that relies on peer-to-peer interaction, there’s a possibility that you may get scammed.

Luckily, LocalBitcoins has been operating since 2015 and it is available in more than 200 countries in the world has amassed a strong reputation for being reliable and safe to use.

Considering two-factor authentication (2FA), loving guard, support staff, and a feedback-driven reputation system, we find this peer-to-peer exchange very safe and secure.

If you want to buy Bitcoin using LocalBitcoins, check out our post where we covered the entire process from creating an account all the way to buying Bitcoin.

Click here to get direct access to that article.


If you would like to buy Bitcoin with cash, make sure to check out to see if there is an ATM near you.

They work like any other ATM but instead of getting cash or other goods, you are able to buy Bitcoins there.

For an entire guide on how to buy Bitcoin using ATM, click here to check out their full guide.


We tried to bring you the best places to buy Bitcoin in Europe that are currently in the market.

We also focused on different payment options so you can choose if you want to buy with bank deposit, credit card, PayPal, cash…

As long-term users, we are in love with Kraken and their service.

The latest update they made brought us even faster exchange, and it is a clear sign that their intentions are towards making it better and better.

Even if we would get a commission if you register through Binance, it is way better and cheaper for you to buy on Kraken.

Once you buy Bitcoin, it is highly advised moving it to the digital wallet that is way more secure than any cryptocurrency exchange out there.

Here is an amazing guide on Bitcoin wallets and how to properly secure your digital currency.

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