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How to make a deposit to Binance? (Beginner guide)

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Now that you have your Binance account set up, you have to fund the account.

There are two ways to fund your account: by crypto and by fiat money.

Binance has a wallet for almost all of the coins that they list.

You need to head on over to your Funds and then Deposits section.

Here, you can search for the coin that you would like to deposit and then generate the address that will apply to your account.

Below is the BTC deposit address that we created on our account.

Copy that address and send the coin to that address from your wallet or any other cryptocurrency exchange. 

Once you send coins to the address, you will wait up to one hour to receive coins since it has to be verified by Binance team.

If you decide to fund your account with fiat money, you can do it with your credit card. 

Just head on over Funds and then Buy with Credit Card