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How to secure blockchain.com cryptocurrency wallet​? (Guide)

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Once you’ve  opened Blockchain.com cryptocurrency wallet, it is time to secure it. It is essential to do the right steps to secure your future coins you are going to store on your wallet. 

We made a list of steps you need to do to secure your wallet so you can safely store your assets there. 

While baseline security features do offer some layers of protection, many additional security features are available as options.

Within your wallet dashboard, you can visit the “Security Center” tab to see information about the security of your wallet.

Blockchain Wallet rates security in levels, giving users a tool to quickly visualize and opt into additional security recommendations.

What are the steps of securing your wallet?

 E-mail verification

If you didn’t verify your e-mail address, it is the right time to do it.

Verifying your email address allows Blockchain Wallet to send you login codes to confirm payments, or advise you if any unusual activity is detected in your account. 

Two-Step Verification 

Two-step verification helps to prevent unauthorized access to your wallet by requiring a one-time password for every login attempt.

Enable this to secure your wallet further.

To enable this option, go to Security Center and find Two-Step Verification.

Once you find it, click “Enable”.

Backup Phrase

Your backup phrase contains all of the private keys within your wallet.

Please write these 12 words down, in order, and keep them somewhere safe offline.

This phrase gives you (or anyone who has it) a way to restore your wallet and access your funds.

If you lose your password or wallet website is unavailable, this will be your safety net.

Write it down on paper and store it somewhere safe. P

lease do not hold it on your PC!

Where to find backup phrases?

To find your backup phrases, go to Security Center and click on Backup Funds.

If you are paranoid, you may consider going through the rest of security measurements, but these three are more than enough since you secured your account with two-step verification and secured your private keys by extracting, writing down on a piece of paper and storing them on a safe place.