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Welcome to the charting course

Complete Cryptocurrency Trading Course

The beginners usually interpret charting as trading. They think the charting is all you need to become a successful trader. The real trading will prove you that is only one of the components you need.

It is necessary to master the charting so you will spot the trading opportunities when they come up. Here is very detail course that will help you understand the background story behind the charts and once you know these stories, it will be easier to use different chart patterns and make the strategy that fits your personality and works for you.

Enjoy the rest of the course and take notes. Don’t just go through course without observing and writing down the tips we are going to share with you. We tend to remember up to 5% of the information we receive on our daily basis and we do not believe 5% of the information you are going to receive is going to be enough to improve your trading performances.