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What is Strong Down Candlestick?

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The same meaning as strong up candlestick but for a different type of trend.

This is kind of a candlestick you may expect to see in a strong downtrend where the market is trending strongly down.

As shown in an example above, these are the types of bearish Marobozu that is another name that we use as a trading jargon to describe strong move down.

The background story is very powerful and very simple to understand.

When you spot candlestick like this one, you know that you are in a quite strong downtrend.

When it comes to shape, it is the big red, bearish candlestick with or without small wicks.

If there are some small wicks, it is still valid since the market declined pretty hard in the time period represented by this candlestick and it doesn’t make too much change if there are some small wicks or not.