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What’s next?

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This is everything but a conclusion. The is the beginning of the never-ending journey. Apart from being the hottest investment opportunity, the crypto gives you the ability to be your own bank. 

The future that is coming is not that good for those who stay blind and keep trusting the government. If we go to China, more and more stores are starting to accept digital money and abounding cash. The problem is that big corporations centralize the money they accept. The government wants to ban cash and start using only digital money so they can have full control. 

One day, all the money you have will be digital. If you decide to ignore crypto and keep trusting big corporations, you will lose your identity. They will have full control over you. If you do something against their rules, your digital wallet will be blocked and you will be out of money. What you are going to do?

On the other side, you have an opportunity to use decentralized digital money that is in your own control. No one can ban it. You are the only person with access to that money. 

The future we are talking about is in 5-10 years from now. You are still not late but do not procrastinate. This is not about trading and investing only, this is about putting part of your income into the asset that you have full control of that has the potential of appreciating in value. 

The choice is yours. We already made ours!